segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2011

I Did it

I did it, I did it and I promised myself that as soon as I did it I would write about how I did it!

the last Monday morning
of the year
before the break.
It's over.

I don't know how it happened, perhaps sheer willpower and all that is responsible in me, but I got up today, I WOKE UP, I ACTUALLY GOT OUT OF BED half awake and wholly angry at students who want class on Christmas week.

But the student didn't.



Can you hear the inner scream of irony and twisted pranks on this precious little last week?

I just want to be home, watching christmas movies and programs and having hot chocolate (ok, not hot chocolate, but very very cold iced drink of some sort, but let's keep the christmas feeling going), hanging out with my boyfriend, sleeping whenever I felt like it and enjoying the endemic never-ending rain!

Soon my dear, soon!

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