terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013


Now is time to brew, to set energies in motion. Carefully, lovingly with myself. I scare easily and by now know myself very, very well. Well enough to do this properly and not set myself into flight off a cliff because I'm to scared to see where I'm going.
I'm brewing, researching, letting the taste of a new idea settle on my tongue.
It's going to be ok, tell myself. It is.
No matter what those voices say at night, you are not alone. No matter what they try to tell you about your self-worth - they know nothing. NOTHING. Reminds me of, "you know nothing, Jon Snow!" hehe.

Ok, so you know nothing Jon Snow, it IS going to be alright, I am NOT alone, and my life is very damn well worth a lot.

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