segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

Petit Homicides

A few years ago I came to understand why people do any kind of drugs or have any kind of vices.
I came to understand how people can get lost and can give up on life, on many different levels.
All of this because I came to understand these potentials in my own self.

But there were other things I didn't quite get. One of these things is violence.
Now I get it. 
I understand why people can resort to it, I understand the utter hopelessness of violence, the feeling that takes over when nothing else seems to work. I understand this potential in me.

Jesus sure had it right, don't you dare judge somebody, for ANYTHING. You can never hope to vouch for your behavior put under extreme circunstances. You can never say, "but if it were me, I would never..." Don't. Just stop. Stop judging, just stop, stop, stop.
God, we are so ignorant.
So fragile.
So finite.
So hurtful and hurting, out of pure ignorance, prejudice, etc. etc.
And most of the time, lost.

Childhood is such a fragile thing as well...children taken care by adults who were children themselves just yesterday...and the children can't fathom that this grown-up who supposedly knows it all is so fragile himself, so full of fears and flaws and limitations. How deluded we are, as kid, how protected in our own little worlds. The loss of innocence is tragic, but also necessary

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