quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2011

And Then Some

Wash over me...wash over me...

Mundane mundaneness tonight. 
Let's see...so, anxiety. And then some...

I think we suffer so much when we are young for not knowing what we want...the older we get, the more experience makes us aware of what crap we are willing to take and which one we can do without. The older we get the more information we have on ourselves and the choices seem to be better. 
That's just a theory, of course. But it does make sense to me, for it is what has made a difference (albeit, slight) in my levels of anxiety...just having more information in general. And just knowing that something matter more than others and some not at all...
Anxiety can be so dumb and ignorant, egocentric and infantile...the expectation of perfection.
but, it is. 

Experience is a master at teaching the art of distinction!

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