quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2011

Month Six

What a month this is turning out to be. 
It is month 6. 
6 of 12.
Half of the year, exactly, and I transtion with precision into a different phase.
During all of month 6, I have initiated leaving a job and initiated starting another one. On the same day I gave my 4 weeks' notice and landed a successful job interview. Then initiated both processes. 
Month 7 it will all be complete. 
I almost lost it this week, I started to lose faith in and sight of myself (there's preposition power for you...).
And then miraculously (it always feels miraculous), life shifted back into place, or better yet, life shifted back into a better place. There always is a place, right? Are wormholes space? Hmm...
But I digress.
I've bitten through my bottom lip, a new precious nervous habit I've picked up. It's obsessive to have nervous habits...you begin and suddenly, HOW TO STOP?? 
I can't believe I've found a job and a profession I feel at home with, which makes this city feel like home again. 
It's not a new job, teaching English...but it's changed completely for me. The new school and approach and coworkers...and the experience at Maple Bear has also changed me, for the better. 
During my training week at the English School I kept having flashbacks of my Middle and High School English classes. I loved them so much and during my 5 years at University and intensive Psy training I really missed these classes and this way of looking at the world, through language and the magic of texts, written or read. The attention given to each word, the way they go together, synonyms and similes...
In these flashbacks, I remembered Ms. Reynolds, the most influential English teacher I've ever had. She incentivated me to write and recognized my need for this form of expression, and also my ease at it. She nurtured this feeling in me and made it blossom. I wish I could find the letter she wrote me when we parted ways, where she asked me to never stop writing and always keep a journal and free-write every day, for I had material in me for thousands of stories, plays, etc..
She was sweet. 
I always hoped I could get her contact information and tell her how much I remember her and am grateful...As a teacher myself now, I know that would be something she would like to receive.
Ms. R, I hope you get this message out there, somehow...I'll keep looking.

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