terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

It's March!

It's March! Eita lelê!
I don't want any job that implies that I have an opinion about people. This little realization came to me as I wondered if I would fare well in the world of child psychotherapy, since I'm getting along nicely with my new friends..Then I remembered that it would imply parents, and parents want feedback, want opinions, want assurance.
And then I changed my mind.
I also thought, do I want to be a teacher?
Again, the implicit need to have a world view and have to defend it all the time made me skivy away.

Today I saw my patients for the last time. It's OVER! The internship IS OVER. Do you understand?? I did it!
Read back to some post in August or July even and maybe you'll find where the internship agony began...and it's over! Golly, really...I was so happy as I walked out back to my car and a teacher caught up with me and I told her I had just had my last sessions...she asked me how I was feeling (probably expecting something emotional and touching) and all I could say was "consegui!!"...I figure she thought it bizarre, but it came so naturally and was much more authentic than some answer based on what I think she wanted to hear...
I don't ever have to be a psychologist again unless I put myself in that position, unless I want to.


That's it for March 1st. I'm on the countdown for Carnaval and the many many holiday days....

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