terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011


So, that fast train metaphor still applies. Even having woken up with time to spare, I still have the feeling. Little chores and little events I have to take care of and I feel like time does not exist at all! Does this have anything to do with the Japan earthquake and the axis of the Earth and all that? ;)  I need some time to feel things and just be, but that’s not happening anytime soon. Or perhaps this evening?
So many ‘shoulds’ are nagging in my ear:
I should go grocery shopping
I should do my nails
I should do the laundry
I should go out with friends, with my mom
I should fix my car
I should eat something
I should walk to work
I should drop off the thing my mother asked me to drop off, even if that interferes with walking to work
I should be studying something...
I should sleep at different hours
I should do the translation exercises
I should calm down
I should take care of my feet/back/head/stomach
I should see the dentist/doctor/psychiatrist

I only have time for priorities and MY priorities, at best. Sometimes not so much, and it is other people’s prioritites…but if you look at it in a different way, my priority is to not have people in my hair and nagging me, so their priorities can sometimes be my own.

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