quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

Last Day of March

Ed ogni petalo, sai, si finge d'essere una rosa
Per ogni goccia vorrei diluvio sopra ogni cosa

The Last-Day-of-March deserves a post. I felt the pressure as I opened the blog, because suddenly tomorrow all the posts will be categorized under April and March 2011: never again. 
Wow, that unexpectedly came out very dramatic and melancholic.
With April, comes a whole different feeling, a feeling of accomplishment. The year has definitely kicked off, in its second third, and I have participated intensely in its first one. Haven't missed a day, practically. 
This is news, ladies and gentlemen, it may seem like the most trivial thing on earth, but this is big news for me. 
I have commited myself, heart, soul, body - suor, sangue e lágrimas - to a course of action that lasts at least a year. It's a big relief.
The other day it dawned on me that these kids won't know who I am in a few years...and when they grow up they won't remember that I existed. It made me a little sad, because right now we've got such an intense relationship going on and I work so hard for them and with them. But alas, it's part of the job, letting go and letting them grow up. But I like what I have going. They trust me. They like telling me things and sometimes I see they wait to tell ME, specifically, because I taught them how and I showed them its ok to tell me. Sometimes this shows up in inconvenient ways, because it becomes undeniable to the other teachers that there's some sort of special relationship being formed with me. I don't know what they think about that. 

But well... shrebles, don't know what to say about that anymore. 

So, sudden topic change! Love being the director of my own little show. Cartwheel, cartwheel, stop! 


End of scene.
Curtains close.

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