terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

Breaking my Heart

This city is breaking my heart, one experience at a time.
I love its green spaces and geometrical roads and design. The red dirt the heavy tree tops.
I love my childhood, my EAB, my friends and my love. But it has not been my city towards professional, personal and academic fullfillment.UnB lost me and ever since I've been lost. I am extremely frustrated and my heart literally, most literally, hurts.
My "new" job, which isnt so new anymore, is slowly but surely losing it's flavor, losing my motivation and for once I don't feel guilty or at fault for it. I understand the situation better. Understanding brings relief;
I am lost in a nowhere land of Brasilia's English market and I hate it. This is not who I am.
C'è un gran vuoto dentro di me. 

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