segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012

Enter 3rd trimester

1st trimester was a tornado. Granted, I only know about it for 2 months, but they were the worst 2 months ever.
2nd trimester was a chance to breathe again and watching my body expand, expand. Coming to terms and lots of traveling.
3rd trimester has just been ushered in. There is a great silence here. We are setting up our house, we are setting up our concrete future. Me, dad and baby. I don't know what that means, yet, moving in with my boyfriend. Moving out of parent's house. I can't think. Add a baby into all that. Anxious and overwhelmed. Who said I could do this? God, you think I can do this? Baby? You trust me? Will you help me learn about you? Will you be patient with me?  I promise I'll try to be with you you think we can work together through this? Your mom is almost a baby herself.
You're getting more and more snug, compressed, pressured. We are both pressured.
My back is arching and aching more, my belly is taking over my body and my mind is slow, slow, slow, coming to a stop.

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