quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

I Know a Spell

"I know a spell, it will make you help
write about love it can be in any tense but it must make sense
I know a trick, forget that you are sick
write about love it could be in any form hand it to me in the morning 

I know the way (so you know the way)
Get on your skinny knees and pray (maybe not today)
you've gotta see the dream through the windows and the trees of your living room
(of your living room!)"

Me and my coffee, my coffee and I.
and B&S.
And a blank page.


Apparently I am exhausted today, went to bed at midnight, woke up at 10:30. Actually, woke up several times between 8 and 10:30 but wasn't able to muster up the energy required to actually get up and wake up 100%. 
Apparently I am exhausted every day. 
I know that 14 hours in a day, most often than not, prove themselves to be too much. Somewhere along the way I take a break or else get utterly overwhelmed (and then take a break).
I missed writing in here this week, even though it's been 3 days only, but I still missed it. 
Caught up in my translations (lost in translation?), classes and getting through 14 or so hours. 

As the plane came down and landed over Brasilia last Monday, the same old thoughts circulated through my bloodlines: always the same plane, the same landing, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat mode. 
When I lie in bed and start to daydream, it takes me away on that same plane. However, if I am feeling rather realistic, I imagine what I could do without stepping foot in an airport. 
The scenario is always an invariable variation of the same scene, something GOES. Out the window. 
I see the dream through the windows and trees of my living room and I go after it. I go after my gut feeling, my unrational self, against all "but what if...what if...what if it all goes terribly wrong!?"
And so I go back to my 14 or so hours with occasional breaks and fantasies. 

I want the world to stop, I want the world to stop
Give me the morning, give me the afternoon, the night!

But you know what, so long as I can write and shout in here, as long as I can shout myself anywhere, I can do pretty well. As long as words are my friends, here we are.

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