domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Funny, Fickle Clocks

Oh what a funny feeling, like the clock ran backwards and my mind morphed into something it used to know.
Oh what a strange feeling.
It used to know- but it knows enough to know that this is not where it's supposed to be anymore. 

Then it does another funny thing, this clock of mine - it runs forward at full speed, sprinting and skipping through the hours, skipping through the days - and my memory fails me when I try to remember what I did this morning or what I have to do in 5 minutes.

It was my birthday yesterday. There you have it, 26. That makes all kinds of clocks lose their handles on their hands. But, happy birthday to me. Thank you god for so many blessings. Thank you, thank you...I'm grateful for feeling proud of myself. 

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