sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011


I know. Again.

I just need to process.

Think fast, free associatie...

English - I don'tknow
living abroad, it's not the moment
world crisis, our economy is actually the one working well for a change (well, well enough)

Need more time to implement changes, for more clairt is needed. More clarity. Where when how what.

Psychology beckons, I miss it. I miss it.

There, I said it.
What the hell, right? How many little post do I have here about how I wanted to be very far away from it? I don't get it. But ok, write, free association. I miss thinking like a psychologist, I miss the critical thinking, the analytical thinking about life and ways of life. I miss how everything was relative and human were more human.

I miss studying psychopathology especially, it's something I've always had an attraction to. I miss being with people who actually accept this and understand.

I want to go back and finish my course. I want to find something to write my final thesis about. I want to write. I want to study, reading books and taking notes and underlining passages, making summaries and getting ideas. I've been feeling quite stupid without it.

English is the now. I don't know if it's the future. Help me god. HELP ME. Seriously.

Something is gonna give. I know it is.

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