quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011

Let's See What Happens

My eyesight is turning into mush. Everything is headache provoking, and by everything I mean everything. Screens or real life, it all seems to swirl, even though my doctor okayed me about a month ago.

This holiday was quite refreshing and a much needed boost for me to reach the 15th in more of one piece.

I put it in my head that I want to reach a personal target, a target full of meaning for me:
I want to complete one year working at the same place. The only time this happened was at Animax. This has grounded me, this new target. 
I have a goal – stick it out a year and SEE WHAT HAPPENS. (deep breath)
Simple as that. Just see what happens as you try something never before done. See what happens as you actually grow financially independent, see what happens as you encroach on two years of a serious and stable relationship.

See what changes, see what doesn’t.

From here to there it is a stretch of a leg. I already told you my theory about the end of the year…it’s practically here. November is the real last month, not December. December is just work xmas parties, family xmas parties, friend xmas parties and so on and so forth. Everyone seems to be in a better mood in general, or just less demanding as they realize that they can let go of 2011 and all the results they expected. Let go.
See what happens. I have completed 4 months since I first set foot at my current job, the first trimester is over – maybe the morning sickness is over as well. 

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