terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012

Morning Sickness

The most badly named sickness in the world - morning sickness. There is nothing that limits it to mornings.
Morning, mid-morning, noon, afternoon, mid afternoon, early evening, night, midnight, dawn...You name it, there it is. I have been knocked off my feet by it, I did not see it coming. People talk about it all the time but I had no idea how much it could get to you, how much emotional sensitivity plays a part in this whole process. It's been 2 weeks, almost 3, of feeling sick, but I can't seem to remember my life before this.  Today I had an inkling of HOPE that this will actually work out and I will be HAPPY, it gave me much needed relief.

March, oh March, please come soon!!

Tomorrow I will get to hear your heart beat...that should be amazing.

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