sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

One out of Many Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy is notorious for it`s crazy and vivid dreams, and I have not escaped the norm. Every night I can remember a serie of these eerie dreams and usually they make me wake up in a sweat, heart pounding fast...
Tonight`s dream, while apparently scary, wasn't so much..I woke up feeling good about it. The image below represents the image in the dream very accurately (without antennae, however).

We were living in the vet hospital where I grew up and suddenly I felt this bulge coming through my stomach, something trying to make it's way through. It became clearer and clearer as it neared the surface, that it was the fetus, moving around and popping up, wrapped in some sort of sac. He was right there, on the surface, and when I breathed in, the sac filled like a ballon and so did the fetus, and he would increase in size, becoming very visible against the translucid sac layer and my skin. I could see every detail of his body, his tiny eyes, hands, spine...I showed Ez and he was fascinated. I could see the bumps of his spinal cord against my skin, and at one point little antennae broke through my skin and it was really strange and sorta gross. I tried to push them back in, and realized that if I breathed in deeply, I could possibly make the sac pop. I was scared, and held on to my tummy where the baby while I walked to the clinic, to ask the nurses for help. I wanted them to wrap something around my stomach so he would stop popping out like that. I pushed him back in a bit but my skin was loose where he had popped out, like an old balloon. The nurses all huddled over me, trying to help, a bit panicked, and then I felt the baby coming up through my throat, like I was throwing it up. It reached the top of my throat and they could see it through my mouth. I wanted to swallow it back down but they warned me about being too forceful because the sac could burst. 
It was a terrifying experience but fascinating as well!!! I still remember the details of his/her body, it was incredible to see it that close to me!

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