domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Stepping Stones

This is my moment of the day. After 10pm, tv and house basically to myself and the cozy feeling of another day lived and it the relief or pride that can bring.
Things are getting better. I'm always scared to say that "out loud" because I feel I'm going to jinx the whole thing.

But it does seem to be getting better. Falling into place, you might say.

With this resurrection of translation work I remind myself of the joy and sense of satisfaction this kind of works brings me and make me see a clearer path ahead. If I know where I want to be it's easier to find the stepping stones among the overgrown grass. The overgrown grass doesn't matter, it's even sorta picturesque and quaint.

So we are having a baby Yes, I realize. That feeling of reduction - like my universe is going to limit itself very very fast to a very very minuscule area still exists, but now it's not the only thing I feel. I feel like it's going to expand in different directions, in different ways. I've never had a child before, that has to bring something new to your life, right? The reduction/expansion will happen in a natural way, just like when you're unemployed and suddenly get a don't realize that you're not spending all day in front of the tv when you're satisfied and happy at your new situation. Some analogy like that, it's not perfect yet. Or like, if you think about leaving Brazil, yes, you can cry over the lack of pão de queijo you will suffer, but once you're in that different country you realize, wow, this gelato di nutella is the new best thing in my life!!
In other words, things get replaced and new favorite things surge. Everything makes sense in a context, so what makes sense now, in this context, will quite likely change in a new context.

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