quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

Follow the Day

Follow the day and reach for the sun

Some motivational words from your sponsors...

I'm trying to remember how I dealt with this exact dilema about a year ago, when I almost quit my course. How did I keep going, how did I give in to flow of things and let go?
I remember vaguely.
Something about giving up on wanting to know about the day after tomorrow, on not really worrying where that could take me as long as I was doing well in the here and now zone.
Actually, it wasn't so much a choice as me realizing that I could either give in or I could give out. It was about being so incredibly tired of worrying and surrendering. 
Something about doing the best I could in the present situation with what I had and not making things be so important and life or death. 

Stepping back a bit.

Cutting myself some slack.

That sounds good.

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