terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010

Maya, Change, Change, Maya

Pardon for sharing the utmost boring details of my daily schedules, but it helps me a lot to write things down when my mind starts getting confused.

Lots going on.

1. Finish my demo-translation to present to my teacher next week, as a project for an entire book translation (with a publisher and everything) and/or as a project for my own little end of course "thesis", the "monography".

2. Organize my translation material, portfolio, etc, now that the course is over and all payments are paid! (YAY)

3. Finish off my student's classes, today and tomorrow, with x-mas themes and little gifts...hmm, really need to get that organized.

4. Find out if I'm ever going to get paid and how much for my last translation

5. Go on my JOB INTERVIEW for a possible new job as a in locus translator for the international department of an evangelical church...sounds bizarre but sounds wonderful too! Also, go on a test drive as a freelance translator/interpreter (still dont know which it is) for a few days at a conference with an Amercian guy coming in. 

6.Begin end of year essay for IGTB. Haven't even thought about starting..got 3 weeks.

7. X-mas shopping and organizing. Oh lord, I'm scared...shopping malls and crazed brasilienses with their shopping mania. :S We shall overcome!

8. Go take a look at new apartment place with boyfriend and actually see what it looks like and feel what it feels like!

9. Aah! Aaaah! Add to that: Lose 10kgs and you've got a little nervous wreck. 

10. Digest the fact that my sister is arriving in 10 days and my father is coming to visit after 5 years in about a month and my mom is probably moving from Brasilia in sync with my move to the new place.

Maya and big changes, big changes and Maya, a saga with still lots to come...await!

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  1. New apartment with boyfriend??? Move to the new place??? Whaaaaaat?!
    When did you plan to tell me that?!?!?
    Where have I been???