sexta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2010

One Step Closer

I have bangs now.
I have not had bangs since I was what...8?

It's very foreign and for the time being it feels like there's a brick of hair on my forehead, heavy and ackward. But then I look in the mirror and it's ok.

I had to do it, the being inside of me has been demanding this for years now, yet I hadn't the courage needed for such a drastic step.
I would always shy away with excuses and fears such as "I don't have a good face-shape for that" or "naaah, too childish" or the more ominous "bangs are a bad, bad idea!"

Today I said, well, ok, it might be bad, but I've gotta try.
And I did!
I've never been so happy with a haircut before.

As the hairdresser snipped away I could not help and grin like a little girl, for I felt like that, stubborn, mischievous, daring and bold.
Welcome back!

I am one step closer to being someone I actually identify with.

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