sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011

Oh no, no, no...

And here I was thinking that Education was about love, encouragement and stimulation.
Oh no, no, no, Ms. Gestalt-Psychologist, there is so much more. 
I had never really considered the political side of it all, and boy, what a shock yesterday, sitting in a meeting talking about, "what character traits do we want to instill in our children, what would the "ideal" child be and how can we work this into the classroom?"


The world of Child Education...It is like Bible School, just with different names and objectives. I'm too used to hearing about "helping people become their authentic selves" that I guess I haven't been living in the real world of what actually happens. Well, I do know this on some theoretical level, but it came as a shock to me as I saw it right before my eyes and even better, that suddenly I'm expected to participate in this "school plan".

So far it's just a bit funny, that's all. I hope it doesn't become a bigger issue for me and that if need be, I can promote my silent revolution from the corner of my toddler classroom. That's the good thing about being a T.A., I'm not the focus of attention or training in the ideological sense. 

On a horse of a different color, all this makes my need for words stronger and stronger.
My little words, arranged and re-arranged; researched, thought over, painted in white, in yellow, what about purple? I'm going to be a translator, dammit. Better yet, I AM A TRANSLATOR. It's pouring out of me, the potential, the need and LA VOGLIA. Sempre questa voglia. And I'm dead certain that I'm going to make it somehow, tread my own path.

Sometimes I wish I could grab words between my fingers, pick them up in handfuls, pour them into my mouth, organize them on my desk...have them wave back.

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