quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Adam Lives in Theory

Adam lives in theory
Trying to turn stone into bread
Masquerading like he got it figured out 
Cut off from the sunshine, only smart in his own head
Leaving his descendants to hope and doubt
Left to his devices, those worthless sacrifices
Praying to the alter of himself
Making pilgrimages, thinking he's religious
Like he's got all the light, and no one else

He takes the unsuspected
Cuz he knows they're not connected
And he shows them how to be just as he is
Virtually real, and commercially appeal
To the lust of all the people where he lives
Caught up in emotion
Burning up in her devotion
To the king of exploitation in the field
She handed him her virtue
Cuz he told her "I won't hurt you"
So she lay with him to see how good it feels
But much to their demise, poor decision closed their eyes
To the very antidote to their dilemma

Burning in their lust,
Both of them, adulterous
Destroying the original agenda
Praying to the sky, in order to maintain a lie
They exhausted every possible conclusion,
They can't even entertain 
the solution in a brain 
filled with vain information and pollution
Lauryn Hill - Adam Lives in Theory

Meu veneno está atiçado novamente.
Náusea e suor que me remetem - - - woosh!

Gostaria de re-editar minha história, quem sabe a dura realidade dos fatos virariam prosa e após ainda mais edição, quem sabe - poesia?

Now can you tell me what we're gonna do now, where we're gonna go now, what we're gonna say now?

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