quinta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2010

Girl and Box Story

there was this girl, you see, and she was quite the scared one, living in her box of fear and terror. Sheer terror. In her box of fantasies and make believe, away from the world that so very scared her.
then one day, someone noticed and said, hey, that's not really ok, is it? you need to talk it out, please take our help, it's ok.
she had trouble with that and was scared again for a while. Talk? Tell people? Share?
Well then, let's give it a go...
and slowly but surely, then all of a sudden fastly, she fell apart without her box. Completely lost it. Where were the boundaries that before were so clear?
Where am I naked in this world without my box and my respect for my fear?
They said it was for the best, and what do I know, right?

then she noticed, quite to her dissapointment, where there she was getting rid of boxes and thinking that was the bee's knees, other people had their own little boxes of fear and other such things and held tightly to theirs while telling her to get rid of hers.
Oh lord, what a cunundrum...what to do, what to do... stop the freakin sharing, please!

there was a girl, she had a box, the box fell apart, she went back after the pieces and the new box has become home, full of nostalgic smells and pillows.

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