sexta-feira, 8 de março de 2013

Cora Bo Bora

Feb 25
Cora, what to say? She's evolving in leaps and bounds. Not yet literally, thank god. But it seems like she had her first big "waking up" day around 3 months and since her fourth month she's been having another one - with the sitting and using two hands at once, anticipating things from us, sly smiles, big open smiles. She seems to be in a hurry to master things -she went from holding objects, reaching for them to discovering her feet, sucking on them and sitting and rolling and vocalizing in ONE MONTH. And now she seems to look around her and think - ok, this is old, what else does the world have for me? What else can this little body do?

"When she plays, she strikes somebody blind"

All of a sudden and every couple of weeks or so things SHIFT around here and change and she changes and our routine changes slightly and I fell different, more at ease in these new mommy shoes. I feel more comfortable with her and she with her days. We know each other now. She knows I'm there (or here) no matter what, even if I don't come right away. I feel she's a trusting baby - trusting in life and such. Thank god! Let's keep it up.

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