sábado, 9 de abril de 2011


Plans are not for the future, but for the present. We make them for now, for as the now becomes later, inevitably the plans change, are modified, adapted or completely abandoned. I've come to realize this. And even so, we need them. No matter how much it's going to be unpredictably different, we still need to weave an imaginary line into the future. Strange how that is, huh? In order to move along you need to establish something from which all things will be reference to. Somethign like that? Then you can have a base-line, a starting point in order to make decisions about the unpredictable that comes your way.
Hmm...that actually made some sense.

Well, so at the moment I am reading about child development, reviewing my French studies, thinking about continuing with Italian, translating here and there some English, taking some moves to quit the psychology course, and dreaming up some steps. Even though I KNOW it's not going to be anything like I so methodically write down in my notebooks. In every sense. The money, the opportunities, the unexpected, the people that will show up, problems that will arise, lucky breaks, etc.

So yes...plans...very overrated necessary plans!

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