sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011

Words So Sweet

I found the perfect Regina Spektor song to summarize my translation (almost) fiasco/success experience this week:

"It's like the forgetting the words to your favorite song
you can't believe it you were always singing along
it was so easy and the words so sweet
you can't remember, you try to feel the beat

it was so easy and the words so sweet...
you can't remember, you try to move your feet"

As I sat there in that little dark translation booth, all I could think of, amidst my panic, was exactly what this song says: it was so easy, it was so sweet, what happened?? And the whole experience is about finding a beat, a rythym to your translation...and the feeling was exactly that of "you can't believe it".

Anyways, don't want to talk about that any longer. Just thought it was curious enough to bring in...

Friday, blessed Fridays, they always seem to come around, huh?

I am in full preparation mode for May.
Have a good feeling circulating my veins; May is the month to celebrate, to consolidate, to be proud. "Being proud of myself", there's a feeling I am not used to having! (Flabbergasting!)
I feel like May will organize things, open new doors and put my feet in accordance one with the other. Perchance!
I know I'm being very repetitive, but really, I can't believe it's May. I can't believe a trimester has passed, I can't believe I'm sticking it out in one place and I'm actually considering going through with what I started.
This is unprecedented in maya history. My emotional equilibrium has reached weird new levels, I feel like my training wheels are off and I am racing in my mountain bike. Someone says, hey, why don't you try this terrain here and I say, ok, why not? And it works out.

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